France: Police clear supermarket after TV price error

Géant Casino sign
Image captionThe store refused to sell the television to customers at the bargain price

Police cleared a supermarket in France after customers refused to leave when they were denied a deal on televisions.

Géant Casino in the southern city of Montpellier accidentally priced TVs at €30.99 instead of €399 on Wednesday.

However the supermarket refused to honour the bargain price. The customers then blocked the checkout demanding that they be allowed to purchase the television sets.

Dozens of police officers were called in to help clear the store.

According to French media, when customers arrived at the checkouts, staff told them they could not buy the television sets for the price advertised.

Customers then became angry and refused to leave the store unless they could purchase the televisions.

Jean-Christophe, who works inside the shopping mall, told Midi Libre: “We are located right across from the Géant Casino checkout lines. I saw a lot of police and a crowd of people. “

He added that some people had four or five televisions in their shopping trolley.

Images and video posted to social media shows customers at the checkouts refusing to leave.

Twitter post by @viaOccitanieTV: #Montpellier @geant_casino Odysseum est pris d'assaut par des centaines de #clients Le #supermarché aurait été victime d'un bug #informatique sur les prix affichés de l'électroménager La virgule des étiquettes électroniques a été déplacée Au lieu de TV à 400€ ils étaient à 40€

Police were eventually called to clear the store, getting customers to leave over an hour after the supermarket’s closing time.

Twitter post by @viaOccitanieTV: #Montpellier Le supermarché @geant_casino censé fermer à 21h30, est toujours ouvert. Les clients ne veulent pas quitter les lieux et payer leurs #produits au prix affiché. Des dizaines de #policiers sont sur place pour éviter les débordements.

Under the consumer code, any seller is required to sell the product at the price displayed even if it is due to a labelling error. However if the price is clearly an obvious mistake, then the vendors can refuse to sell, BFM TV said.

There have been cases in the past where businesses have opted to honour the error price.

Last January, Hong Kong based airline Cathay Pacific mistakenly sold business-class seats on August flights from Vietnam to New York for about $675 (£517) return.

Prices on the same route in July and September cost $16,000. The airline later announced it would honour the fare purchases.

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