Two ‘kidnappers’ lynched in Lagos

Two persons accused of being kidnappers were on Wednesday burnt to death in Ijora-Badia, a Lagos slum.

The victims, a man and a woman, were mobbed at separate intervals along Gaskiya Road. An unnamed middle-aged man who was sighted with a garment containing a dead bird and iPhone was the first victim of the mob justice.

He was said to have been burnt alive around 2pm on Wednesday after some persons claimed to have heard him telling someone on the phone that he could not get any child.

Some residents claimed the man immediately threw his phone into the canal when he was accosted while others said his accusers collected the phone from him.

Without giving him room to defend himself, the mob stoned the man, put tyres around his neck and set him ablaze, said a resident.

Not satisfied with their action, it was gathered that they went ahead to contact a number on the man’s phone and lured the  woman to the same spot around 8pm where they killed her too.

When our reporter visited the area yesterday, it was learnt that residents had been agitated following the kidnap of a child two weeks ago.  Sources said the people have resorted to suspecting any strange face in the neighbourhood, adding that most of those who took part in the jungle justice have fled the community.

Narrating what transpired, a witness who refused to be named said: “A man was caught making a call to someone. They claimed they heard him say “I couldn’t get any child to snatch here o!”

Police spokesman Bala Elkana. A Deputy Superintendent (DSP) confirmed the incident, adding that a suspect was already in custody.

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