Drama as court jails school supervisor 60 years for child defilement

Kaduna petroleum Court grants interim injunction on Kogi traditional stool

An Ikeja Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Court has sentenced a school supervisor, Adegboyega Adenekan, 47, to 60 years imprisonment for child defilement.

Justice Sybil Nwaka handed down the sentence after convicting Adenekan of a lone count charge of defiling a two-year and 11-month-old pupil of Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos (names withheld).

The drama ensued immediately the judge rose after pronouncing sentence. Adenekan shouted: “Glory be to God, Glory be to God, Glory be to God in the highest. Judgment has been pronounced on me, Lord, I present this judgment before you.

” God, you know I am innocent buy you are the ultimate Judge.

“I give glory to God because I did not defile her. Her mother tutored her. Let God give me another judgment”, he shouted.

The courtroom equally became noisy as family members reign curses on all those who they alleged teamed up to ensure that Adenekan was jailed.

Justice Nwaka, in her judgment, held that the prosecution has proven its case of defilement against the convict beyond reasonable doubt.

The judge said, “The basic elements to consider in this case is that the accused had sex with the child; that there was penetration; that the evidence of the child must be corroborated.

She quoted from what the victim said in her testimony.

“The victim, in her evidence before the court, she said that Mr Adenakan put his mouth in her weewee. She said Adenekan put his hand in her wee-wee (vagina). She also said that the supervisor put his mouth in the vagina of her bestfriend, Jenita.

“The little girl said that Adenekan covered her mouth like this when she attempted to shout. And that he (defendant) defiled her twice inside the school premise, at his office and at the hallway”.

According to the judge, the evidence of the child that the defendant defiled her twice was evidently corroborated by the medical report from Mirabel Center.

“I have no doubt in mind that this defendant, Adenekan is the same person the victim said put his hand in her weewee.

Justice Nwaka, while not holding to evidences of other prosecuting witnesses held that the evidence of the victim was not shaken as there are no two Mr Adenekan in the school.

She held that medical report showed healing wounds in the victim’s hymen.

The court held that Adenekan himself in his defence, confirmed knowing the victim and her two friends, Jacinta and Precious.

She noted that the victim confirmed that the convict also did same thing to them and that Jacinta’s mother declined to partake in prosecution to avoid trauma and stigmatization.

” I am convinced that the three children revolves around Adenekan and Adenekan was a recurring decimal with them. Jacinta was the child the victim said she saw Adenekan putting his mouth in her weewee.

“I am convinced that it was because of the convict that Jacinta and Precious parents withdrew them from the school”, she held.

“Prosecution has proved his case and therefore, the defendant is hereby convicted accordingly.
The defence Richard Abdulahi declined to make allocutus.

” At this point, my Lord, the defence team had no alloctus on behalf of the defendant and urged the court to sentence at its discretion”.

But the prosecution, B.T. Boye urged the court to allow justice prevail in the matter.

He said it would serve as deterrent to perpetrators of sexual abuse of children in schools.

Delivering judgment, Justice Nwaka said, “the defendant Adegboyega Adenekan is hereby sentenced to 60 years imprisonment’.

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